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It is my great joy to support you as we journey through these incredible times. Come play with me through my Light Language offerings as we dance the new world into form.

My journey with Light Language began in September of the year 2000. It was a pivotal moment that changed my life. I received an intuitive reading that was so powerful, it was like having my life's purpose handed to me on a silver platter. It spoke of skills I brought into this lifetime from previous incarnations, with specific guidance to start using sound as a daily practice.


I was so moved by what was revealed that, for two years I only missed 7 days of toning and offering healing to the Earth. Every day I would connect to see where the energy was needed, visualizing healing for the Earth and humanity as I toned. After some time I was guided to call the tones that flowed through me 'Songs of Light'. 

My journey took another leap in 2003, when I learned of the work of Dr. Emoto from Japan. With a special camera that he invented, he  proved that the structure of water molecules constantly change, based on intention, sound and written words


After working with sound so faithfully leading up to that time, I immediately knew that I could sing my 'Songs of Light' to water and and the water would restructure based on my intention. That led to the creation of Rashana Sound Essences later that year.  I would tone into the water with a certain intention and when that water was ingested, it would awaken the healing quality of my intention in the person taking the essence. After a year of testing my essences with family and friends, with great success, I presented them on the national TV show, The Dragons' Den.


In time the tones evolved. and I found myself speaking a language that easily flowed out of me, with no awareness of what was being spoken or what the sounds meant. I now know to call it Light Language. In the decade since I started bringing it through, I have learned to interpret the overall messages that the Light Language brings. It has its own intelligence, and carries a high frequency that shifts and changes those who experience it. It is now the foundation of my work, after decades of offering a variety of healing modalities.

My 'Symbols of Light' are the most recent expression of this frequency that I bring into this time and space. They are also high vibration energy shifters. In the future I believe we will all be communicating with Light Language. For now, my purpose is to present these codes into the world with my offerings, and awaken in others this great invitation of what is to come. 

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