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This Sound Essence revealed itself as a powerful place to begin using Light Language Sound Essences. It works to dissolve the frequencies of the old programming that we have been living in for eons of time, to make space for the integration of the higher frequency field that is now here for us all.


As I was recording this Essence, it was clear that it is this new, high frequency field that allows us to drop more fully into our center and come back home to ourselves.

Also use this Sound Essence when you find you are in your mind, running old thoughts over and over, or when you’re feeling frantic energy, either within yourself or in your environment.

As you use Coming Back to Center to dissolve dense frequencies from your energy field, you make space for the higher frequencies that are available on the Earth now, to anchor in. Use it any time you are ready to uncover old programs that may be keeping you stuck and on rewind instead of moving forward in your personal growth.

Coming Back to Center

  • With this LLSE, the giver is empowered to know that the fullness of what they have to offer is the Light of their presence, and, as such, there is less urge to over give. It anchors in frequencies to allow the giver to be fully empowered in the awareness of their own self-worth, and offer from that place of fullness.

    In the creation of this Sound Essence I saw the caretaker/giver fully alive and fulfilled internally. From that place, s/he knew that it was her presence that mattered most and s/he was able to pull back a bit in the giving energy with the understanding that her/his presence was also empowering the receiver to become fulfilled as well. The grace that was created as the sounds evolved allowed both the giver and the receiver to be uplifted into a higher state of grace and empowerment. From this state, no one is needy and no one is over-giving. Instead, it is an exchange of awareness of pure love.

    The more you listen the more you will embrace these frequencies and see them come alive within you.

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