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This Rashana Sound Essence may be taken simultaneously with any of the other Sound Essences. It carries the frequency of pure love, coming from the All That Is through sound.


Using I Am the Light will awaken memories of your pure essence; memories of the fullness of your empowered, sovereign self. By infusing your energy field with the Essence of I Am the Light, your connection to pure love is restored. It encourages the path of evolution by raising your frequency. As you vibrate at a higher frequency, your choices naturally change to meet the new state of being. In this process, the old is ready to fall away because it is no longer a match for your evolved state of being.


I Am the Light came through with a caution that you must be prepared for change when using this Sound Essence. If you are not choosing to move forward in your life, and willing to make changes as they intuitively arise, this Essence may cause some confusion. By choosing I Am the Light, you will be pulled toward your highest good, which can mean giving up what is currently a part of your life, such as a job or relationships. 


When using this Essence, it is important that you are ready to evolve into your highest potential, and willing to perhaps give up what is currently a part of your life that no longer serves. The decisions about your life are always yours. This caution is to be aware that, as you shift into the frequency of I Am the Light, you may find yourself feeling pulled in new directions. Any resistance to that is what creates the confusion.

I Am the Light


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