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This  Light Language Sound Essence is about being so empowered within yourself that you move through life fully from the awareness of your own abilities, as opposed to putting faith and hope in anything outside of yourself. The result is that fear moves to the back seat because you're not dependent on anything external to make your world safe, or happy, or good.


This Sound Essence will support you in feeling so fully alive within yourself, that you have complete confidence that your true essence will lead you to the life you have always wanted. With the courage to follow your heart's promptings, you will be led to your aliveness.


When we know, with the very essence of our being, that following what is arising in our heart is the right direction, we become invincible to outside events. This Light Language Sound Essence was created to lead us all in that direction. It is the way of the future, to be fully empowered now. It is by leaving the past behind that we begin to embrace the full potential that is available to humanity in these times of great evolution.


Order now and listen often. This Sound Essence anchors in codes that meet the individual needs of the user. Those codes change from moment to moment, depending on what is needed at the time. 


This MP3 is 29 minutes long. After the first listening you may skip the discourse and move directly to the Light Language and Songs of Light to integrate the codes and frequencies of the Sound Essence.

Moving Beyond Hope Into Absolute Trust in Your Self-Ability


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