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Opolaca first came through in 2018. It is a powerful Symbol of Light. Time is an enigma that needs to be resolved as we move into higher dimensions. When we expect time to remain linear, we block the new potentials that are ready to come in. The use of this Symbol of Light will allow the understanding of time to shift and change and resolve itself into an 'upgraded level of function'. 


I asked, "What is an upgraded level of function?" It is to say that things can happen out of a time ‘line’. Time will shift and change – you may see something in your field of vision one second and it is gone the next. That is the time line changing.


Using this symbol helps integrate the now format of time into the mind so that you are not confused as this happens and you can allow time to shift as humans shift and the energy on your planet increases in vibration.


From The Keys of Enoch - On 24 March 2021, I asked, ‘What do you want me to know?’ and opened to this, which is so significant to bringing Opolaca into the world:


#28 “Time is within the consciousness of the specie, literally within the structure of the chromosome.” (That so validates the impact of this Symbol of Light. Many people feel the shift when they look at it. )

#29 “Only when the chromosomes can go past the Light-time zone can they proceed to evolve into a higher body of Light…”


By having this Symbol of Light in your home, you are advancing your evolution and that of all humans. It is very much needed right now, as there is so much at play trying to minimize our potential at this great time of transition.




Opolaca - The Resolution of Time

  • Signed and printed on quality 100 lb. stock  paper. Ready for framing.

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