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In a personal session, I connect with your frequency as I access Light Language to bring through information that comes from the highest aspect of yourself.  Light Language works on many levels of your being. It reveals deep inner truths that serve your evolution at this time. It brings clarity around difficulties and reprograms conditioning from the past. People often report that they feel lighter after a session as the old is lifted off, making room for your true essence to come forward.

Light Language works very efficiently. We can address 5 or 6 of your questions or concerns in a 30 minute session. We will work over zoom and the session is recorded so that you can continue connecting with the frequency of the Light Language as often as you wish, to benefit from the shifts that the session brings. If you prefer not to use zoom, other options are available. Simply make your request in the comment section when you book your session. I look forward to working with you.

Luma Catherine sunrise

I've been using Jane's light language sound essences for a few months, so when she announced recently she was opening up personal sessions again I felt a deep pull to engage with that. The session was set for less than a week after I booked (no long wait which is always appreciated).

During the session I really felt as if I was having a conversation with an old friend. Jane's manner is caring and open and the energy of what she brought through for me was very powerful. I have listened to the session a few times now (she sends a recording afterwards upon request) and every time it feels new, and that it goes just a little deeper. One can FEEL the cells responding to her voice. I cannot recommend her highly enough if there are things in you that you need some help to shift. Thank you Jane! ❤️✨❤️ Cate ~ Scotland

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